CRG Transforms Complaint Reporting for a Leading Canadian Bank 

The Challenge

A leading Canadian bank was challenged to meet federally mandated, complaint-handling reporting requirements. The bank faced the risk of significant fines and reputational damage for non-compliance. Senior leadership wanted more frequent and insightful complaint reporting, which the team was unable to deliver. The bank engaged CRG to overhaul its complaint reporting framework to ensure they were providing leadership with the right level of insights and meeting regulatory compliance. 

The Approach

CRG approached the engagement with a thoughtful, carefully crafted strategy to guide the bank through its reporting challenges: 

  1. Discovery and Assessment: CRG initiated the engagement with an assessment of the bank's operations, including interviews and workshops. This phase was dedicated to uncovering the root causes and establishing a hierarchy of needs, to develop targeted, impactful interventions. 
  2. Proof of Concept (Data Visualization Innovation): At the heart of CRG's strategy was the deployment of a data visualization dashboard using Power BI. This dashboard offered real-time insights into complaint data, boosting the efficiency and timeliness of reporting. 
  3. Business Requirements Synthesis: In alignment with the bank's strategic vision, CRG worked with business and technology leaders to establish requirements to meet the bank’s long-term needs. 

The Outcome

CRG's collaboration with the bank facilitated the introduction of innovative solutions, leading to enhanced operational reporting practices and regulatory compliance: 

  • Optimized Reporting: Centralized, simplified, and digitized what was once complex, manual tasks to set a new bank standard for reporting efficiency. 
  • Advanced Data Visualization and Efficiency: Implemented a Power BI dashboard to empower the bank to easily identify insights and take the appropriate actions. 
  • Mitigated Risks: By consolidating and documenting reporting regulatory procedures, CRG helped to mitigate compliance risks. 
  • Future-Proof Solutions: CRG equipped the bank with tools and improved processes to be flexible and adapt for the future. 

CRG proved to be more than a solution provider; CRG was a trusted partner, helping the bank move towards improved reporting efficiency and regulatory compliance.  

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