Expansion Strategy & Go-To-Market Approach


Amidst the evolving landscape of financial services, a leading Saskatchewan-based credit union stood at the threshold of a significant transformation. With the ambition to become one of three federally licensed credit unions, they sought to extend their digital footprint beyond provincial borders into Alberta and Ontario.

The challenge was multifaceted: understanding whom to target, what products to offer, where to focus marketing efforts, and how to effectively engage with potential members while bolstering backend operations. CRG was enlisted to unravel these complexities and chart a course for successful digital expansion.


The strategic journey unfolded in two distinct phases, each addressing critical pillars of the expansion blueprint.

In the initial phase, CRG delved into the credit union's existing data, unearthing insights into member behaviours and preferences. This analysis illuminated the personas of the most profitable digital members, guiding the selection of target demographics and product offerings.

The subsequent phase shifted focus to the tactical: devising targeted marketing strategies, identifying service enhancements, and forecasting the operational impact of scaling up. Throughout, CRG balanced visionary planning with pragmatic execution, ensuring a robust foundation for growth.


CRG's comprehensive strategy and actionable roadmap empowered the credit union to navigate its pioneering journey into new markets with confidence. By identifying lucrative customer segments and tailoring approaches to engage them, the credit union was poised to transform its digital landscape.

The projected acquisition of 122,000 new members contributing to an additional $45 million in revenue not only signified a monumental leap in market presence but also underscored the credit union's readiness to redefine its future.

This endeavor was more than an expansion; it was a bold stride towards reimagining what a credit union could achieve in the digital age.

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