We continue with our 15-Year Anniversary celebration by sharing the stories of CRGers to give you a glimpse into culture, career development, and unique opportunities at CRG.

This is the third of 5 blog posts in our Employee Interview Series. We’re sitting down with employees across different roles and tenures to talk about what CRG means to them and how the firm has supported their career development.

For the third interview, we talked to Kathy, Michael, and André.

Director of Operations

Kathy is a compassionate and driven business leader with a diverse background and wealth of experience in business operations. As a former educator, she honed her skills in communication, organization, and problem-solving. Throughout her career, Kathy has engaged in a variety of roles, each one building upon her foundation of issue management, problem solving, and personal determination. Her broad range of experiences has equipped her with a unique perspective and adaptability that allows her to add value across all levels of the organization.

Her unwavering commitment to the firm, her colleagues, and operational excellence has earned her a reputation as a trusted and dependable business partner where she is often referred to as "the glue" at CRG.

Kathy is always seeking new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Currently, she is working on her French proficiency and travels to France often to visit her family, while immersing herself in the language and culture.

What is unique about the environment at CRG?

CRG’s culture is definitely unique. It’s a place where you can be your authentic self while at the same time be challenged and inspired to be the best version of yourself every day. We’re a diverse group, but we find common ground in humour, genuine care and an aspiration for excellence. When we get together through our monthly socials or our annual trip, it’s interesting to see how much people really enjoy each other’s company. You’re fortunate when your workplace feels like home.

How has CRG supported your career development?

I joined CRG as a Lead Executive Coordinator over 11 years ago, having initially worked with CRG from the client side and already familiar with the dynamism and high standards that was part and parcel of CRG. Given the opportunity to work directly with the partners allowed me to derive real insight into their perspective and approach and the excellence they expect. I was allowed to increase my scope with their support and mentorship and continued to grow within the firm. When I was promoted to my current role, the partners took great delight in notifying me of my promotion by having me check the CRG website while in a meeting because “there was something wrong with the Team info”. A fantastic way to find out you have been promoted.

Is there a project or moment here at CRG that stands out to you as a highlight? (keep company aspect vague)

What has stood out for me is that “True character is revealed in times of adversity". CRGers showed their mettle during Covid, when companies were folding and clients were not engaging. There were honest and regular dialogues with the team and the mental shift to generate trust and build the business in those times will remain with me.

Executive Management Consultant

Michael is an Executive Management Consultant at CRG who joined the firm in 2021. Before CRG, Michael spent 17 years in financial services and a Fintech Startup. Outside of work, Michael is a competitive triathlete and enjoys his weekly adventures with his wife and two daughters.

What is your favourite thing about working at CRG?

CRG is client first. Our approach to every problem includes consideration for how recommendations will be implemented by the organization we work with. We don’t come to an engagement with best practices but rather we come with our problem-solving capabilities and tailor an approach to fit the client. Coming from industry, I saw many instances where recommendations were not feasible for the organization. When we partner with clients, we are all on the same team.

What is unique about the environment at CRG?

CRG has created an environment of super-smart, driven individuals who are fiercely stubborn in their dedication to excellence. When I joined, the culture was immediately infectious and helped bring out the best in me. At the same time, we work closely as a team, sharing ideas and experiences to bring the most to our clients.

How has CRG supported your career development?

When I decided to move into consulting, I was told transitioning from industry would be a challenge. It very much was, but it was also one I was able to do successfully with the support from my colleagues and firm leadership. They care deeply about my development, placing me on increasingly more complex engagements and supporting me along the way. Open, honest feedback is the foundation for driving our meritocracy and has allowed me grow as a successful consultant in the firm.

Senior Management Consultant

André is a Senior Management Consultant at CRG who joined the firm in 2021 after graduating from university. Having completed studies in engineering and business administration, André merges the technical knowledge of operational principles with financial insights to develop optimal solutions. Before CRG, André had several internships in the financial services industry and has participated in projects related to digital technologies, product development, and scaling business operations.

Besides his life as a consultant, André is an avid traveller who loves learning about the diversity of cultures that the world has to offer. He is a sports enthusiast and has participated in various competitions, from windsurfing to chess, and he proudly cheers for every and any Toronto team. Lastly, André was born and raised in Mexico and holds a deep connection to his cultural roots, especially the Mexican cuisine!

What is your favourite thing about working at CRG?

CRG is values driven on everything we do. From the projects we take on to the team dynamics, I am confident that the decisions that are made from leadership, as well as the actions from the team as a whole, come from a place of care, pragmatism, and desire to do good. At the end of the day, I know that I’m working towards making things right for our clients and co-workers, which motivates me to perform to the best of my abilities.

What is unique about the environment at CRG?

The trusting relationships that exist within the team and the clients are a difference maker in the day-to-day working environment. Everyone is extremely capable and committed to delivering excellence, which creates a positive feedback loop that pushes everyone to be the best version of themselves day-in and day-out. There are no egos, no politics, only a desire to do what is right and output the best result. On top of an incredible work-ethic, I genuinely enjoy hanging out with everyone in the firm; even as we grow our team, the culture stays strong in the ways we work and interact with each other.

How has CRG supported your career development?

As a junior resource, I was given the opportunities, and the trust, to engage with clients and drive core deliverables of the project. My manager has always been very supportive in coaching and giving feedback to improve, allowing me to be accountable while providing the right guidance to ensure I am successful. The team as a whole, from managing partners to engagement managers, genuinely cares about my opinion and encourages me to share it with the group, which has given me confidence and experience to further contribute to key strategic decisions.

This is the third of 5 employee interview articles that CRG will publish to celebrate our 15-year anniversary. Stay tuned for the next article, which will be posted in the coming weeks.

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